Gunnhildur Þórðardóttir


Gunnhildur Þórðardóttir


10. mars 1979



2004 – 2006 MA Arts Mangement, Anglia Ruskin University, Ashcroft International Business School, Cambridge, UK.

2000 – 2003 BA(Honours) Fine Art & Art history, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge School of Art, Cambridge, UK.

Awarded from Sparisjóðurinn Bank in 2003 for academic achievement, American Express grant 2003, The Science grant of BHM 2008-2011, Hafnarfjordur Council Culture grant 2011 and 2012.

Member of the Icelandic Printmakers Association, The Icelandic Sculpture Association, The IcelandicAssociation of Museum Workers and The Icelandic Association of Visual Artists.

Professional Experience

2012 – current Recidency Project Manager at The Icelandic Association of Visual Artists.

2012 –  Project Manager Day of Visual Art in Iceland

2007- 2011 Information and museum education manager at Hafnarborg, Hafnarfjordur Centreof Culture and Art, Strandgata 32, 220 Hafnarfjörður.

2009-current Public relations for the Icelandic Printmaking Association

2008-2011 Managing director and owner of Lúka Art &Designknitwear specialist.

2005-2010 Management board of the Icelandic Printmaking Association as secretary and member of the exhibition committee.

2008–2009 Knitwear designer for the woolen producer Glófi, Kópavogur.

2004-2007 Electoral committee staff for Reykjanes Council.

2004-2006 Specialist for Reykjanes Art Museum, designed their website and database around the museum’s art collection and curated exhibitions.

Feb. 2004  Voluntary work at Cambridge Film Festival, Arts Picturehouse, 38-39 St Andrews St, Cambridge,CB2 3AR,UK.

2003-2004 Store manager at Touchwood-Creative Toys, 10 Mill Road, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Part time job whilst at University, specialist toyshop of Nina Waldmann.



5th of September - 20th of October 2013 – Continuityprivate exhibition at Reykjanes Art Museum, Keflavik, Iceland.

3rd - 12thof May 2013 – PASTIS 11/11combined expo at the National Gallery of Iceland

30th of March - 4th of May 2013 – Boxed Memoriesprivate exhibition at Flóra gallery in Akureyri.

24th of November 2012 – Labelvideo performance with various artists curated by artist Tracey Moberly at Tate Britain, London.

3rd - 4th of November 2012– Combined exhibition at 002 gallery, Þúfubarð, Hafnarfjordur.

31st of May – 2nd of June 2012 – Flækjur/Tangledexhibition Bright Days Festival in Hafnarfjordur

3rd– 25th of April 2012 – Departure solo show at gallery SIM, Hafnarstraeti 16, Reykjavik, Iceland.

5– 28th of May 2012 – Nánd/Closecombined exhibition at Hlaðan Culture Centre, Vogar Iceland.

10 – 25th of March 2012– Emissionsolo show at the Icelandic Printmakers Association

1st – 4th of June 2011 – Wirework & Bloodstones, Bright Days Festival in Hafnarfjordur exhibition and poetry performance with actress Sólveig Guðmundsdóttir.

9th – 24th of April 2011 – Trails, solo show at The MilkShop gallery, Akureyri.

21st January – 15th of February 2011 – Dark Energy II, solo show at Skörin, Iceland Crafts and Design.

18th – 21st March 2010 – Lúka Art & Design, at DesignMarch: Reykjavik Fashion Festival, Showroom

Reykjavik and The Form is Flying a performance with the Iceland Dance Company.

7th November- 5th December 2009 - 40th Anniversary exhibitionof the Icelandic Printmakers Association at the Nordic House, Reykjavík.

11th September – 16th October 2009- Knitted World of Lúka III, East Iceland Heritage Museum, Egilsstadir.

3rd – 6th September 2009– Dark Energy, solo exhibition at Light Night Festival.

23rd of May 2009– Art in the Makingat Lækjartorg a printmaking performance at Reykjavik Art Festival.

27th September-12th October 2008- Knitted World of Lúka II, National Museum of Iceland, Reykjavík.

13th-28th September 2008 - Black Threads-private exhibition at the Icelandic Printmakers Association’s Gallery, Hafnarhúsið, Reykjavík.

19th Apríl-4th May 2008 - Knitted World of Lúka, galleríBox, Akureyri.

8th March-21st April 2008 - Artists in Hafnarfjordur, Hafnarborg Museum, Strandgata 34, 220 Hafnarfjörður.

2-30th December 2006- Identity,private show at SuðSuðVestur, Hafnargata 22, 230 Keflavík.

21st April-14th May 2006- Icelandic Printmakers Associationat Forum For Kunst in , Germany.

5th August-18th October 2003- Fire & Ice, solo show, CB2, Norfolk Street, Cambridge.

13th -28th June 2003 - Exposed,degree show of Final Year Study of Art Students at Ruskin Lounge, ARU, East Road.

24th Feb–2nd March 2003 - Cambridge Student Art Expo, The Forum, Jesus Lane, Cambridge

3rd May-3rd June 2002 - Decision of Forms, solo show, CB2 restaurant, Norfolk Street, Cambridge.


Interview in Fréttablaðið27th March 2013

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Interview in the Belgian paper Victoire MagazineSaturday paper . Le Soir, 16th of October 2010.

Reykjavik Fashion Festival documentary 2010, Stod 2 broadcasting.

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Saga film, Innlit/Útlit interior design program, October 2008.

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My art work was displayed in Aesthetica-A review of Contemporary Artists, Special Anniversary

issue, issue 5th of April 2004, p62.