Birgit Kirke


Birgit Kirke


Painter and sculptor - Born 1962 in Nuuk, Greenland - Grew up in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands - Studio and residence in Herning, Denmark.

Educated at TEKO Herning in 1980-81 and in 2007-10 at Aarhus Art Academy in Denmark.

In recent years, I have participated in numerous exhibitions and major art fairs, including:
ART Copenhagen in 2010-2012, represented at Galleri Sct. Gertrud (
ART Herning in 2009-2013, represented at Galleri Sct. Gertrud (
ART Aarhus, Galleri Sct. Gertrud, 2010-2011
ART Fair Hillerød, Galleri Sct. Gertrud, 2010, 2011 and 2013
Ólavsøkuframsýningin in 2009 and 2010, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands (Art jury selected exhibition).

For a more complete exhibition list, please visit my website:

As a painter, I am absorbed by the landscape, which I consistently interpret in a naturalistic/abstract form of expression, particularly inspired by my background and upbringing on the Faroe Islands.
I am particularly inspired by the magnificent Faroese landscape and the rapidly changeable weather.
I do sketches and drawings in my preliminary work for the paintings. I always start from something specific. It can be a specific place, a mood, an experience or a memory.
The brush strokes are playful, light, graphical and expressive, like the Faroese landscape, the rugged canyons and the huge rocks that rise up against the sky. The key words for me when I work are energy, presence and movement.