Sossa and Anton Helgi Jónsson share the common interest in the complexity of life, Sossa in paintings and Anton Helgi in poems. The exhibition Flame shows paintings by Sossa and framed poems by Anton about love and roleplay of the sexes.

Sossa has painted paintings inspired by Anton Helgi's poems before but the paintings in this exhibition were painted after the artists decided to work together on an exhibition with an erotic undertone. Sossa gets the material for her paintings from Anton Helgi's poems which few have been seen by others before and some have actually grown out of their collaboration. The paintings are not meant to be illustrations but works created by the same or simular spark. The artists want to find out how a painting and a poem can both project passionate feelings; a love spark between a man and a woman, a man and a man, a woman and a woman. What does the painting project? What does the poem project? What is a picture in a poem? What is a poem in a picture?