Eygló Harðardóttir


Eygló Harðardóttir


Eygló (b. 1964) works with paper to construct both, two and three-dimensional abstract sculpture, bookwork and installation. Materials, such as paper; found, made, or sourced, coloured remains, wood, graphite and glass, fuel her ideas and are the key to exploring the potential of the medium.  Eygló studied at the Icelandic College of Arts and Crafts in Reykjavík (1983–87), the Academy of Art & Design/Fine Art, Enschede, Holland (1987–90), and completed an MA in Arts Education from Iceland Academy of the Arts (2014). 

Eygló has received numerous prices and grants for her art practices through the years. Alongside her work in the studio, Eygló is a practicing art teacher since 2000, working at the Reykjavik School of Visual Arts and Iceland University of the Arts. She has exhibited nationally and internationally with solo exhibitions including: The Living Art Museum (2018), Harbinger and Týs Gallery (2015) and ASÍ Art Museum (2013). In summer 2018, Eygló took part in various group exhibitions, such as 1.h.v., The National Gallery of Iceland, and in Wind and Weather Window gallery, as part of the Reykjavík Arts Festival.

Her work is in the collection of the National Gallery of Iceland, Reykjavik Municipal Art Museum, RUV (The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service), and Kultuurikauppila, Finland. Since 2015 Eygló has worked within the frame of the bookwork. Most recently Eygló spent time in WSW Residency in Upstate New York, where she performed a number of material and colour experiments in the print shop that amongst other works resulted in the Artists' book, Annað rými (Another Space).