You Are Here

You Are Here / Jesteś tutaj / Du er her / Þú ert hér
Vena Naskręcka / Michael Richardt
The exhibition is opening on saturday the 26th of November at 2pm.
Vena and Michael are performance artists, and this exhibition will be a display of where they are at this particular point in time, and a documentation of what occupies their minds at the moment. They are here and now, foreign citizens in Iceland, making their mark on the Reykjanes Art Museum where they will rule for a while.
Vena Naskręcka (1986) works in visual arts in an inter-disciplinary way, with performances, sculptures, found objects, and video, and she bases her work for instance on philosophy, neuro-science, disability studies, and technology. Naskręcka expresses this with her body, which she sees as a tool for visual, emotional, and intellectual communication.
Naskręcka graduated with a MA degree in fine art from CIT Crawford College of Art & Design, in Cork, Ireland, a BA degree in fine art from Hanze University Groningen – Academy Minerva, the Netherlands, in addition to studying ceramics at the Jacek Malczewski School of Fine Arts in Czestochowa, Poland.
Naskręcka was born in Czestochowa, Poland, but lives and works in Reykjanesbær.
Michael Richardt (1980) is a performance artist who specialises in time-based and long-durational performance. Michael is a matriarchal thinker and creates work using a self-developed system based on spectral colours.
Richardt graduated with a MFA degree in Performing Arts from the Iceland University of the Arts. He studied at Amsterdam University of the Arts in the Netherlands, at Codarts Circus School, Rotterdam, Netherlands, and classical oil painting with the artist Poul Winther Pedersen, in Hjørring, Denmark. Richardt has worked as a dancer for We Go, performing at Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Denmark, and as an Actor in ‘Polishing Iceland’, Reykjavík Ensemble, Tjarnarbíó, Reykjavik, Iceland.
Richardt was born in Denmark and is of Danish and Nigerien descent, he lives and works in Reykjavík.
Curator is Helga Arnbjörg Pálsdóttir.
The exhibition You Are Here is funded by the Museum Councel of Iceland.
The artists are sponsored by the Icelandic Visual Arts Fund and the Danish Arts Foundation.
The exhibition will be open until the 5th of March 2023.